Exciting New Range of Teeth – SR Phonares

We are very excited about the new range of teeth that we have been implementing on our BPS deluxe dentures.

The SR Phonares range of teeth  from Ivoclar have been hailed as a “modern masterpiece” by experts in the dental industry.

Many years or research and development have gone into developing a range of teeth that are actually designed to match the age and characteristic of the individual patient.

It makes perfect sense.  The teeth of a 70 year old male have a totally different shape, facet wear and shade to that of a 40 year old female.

These teeth are skillfully sculpted to offer the same expressive characteristics as their natural counterparts.

Another highlight of this range is that the teeth which are a nano-hybrid composite, have extraordinary resistance to wear.  This makes them especially suited to meeting the demanding requirements of implant dentures.  This also ensures a longer lasting precision denture.

There are 16 shades and 18 moulds in this range which make the possibilities of creating a truly natural smile limitless.

This is cutting edge technology, and we are very lucky to be a part of it, and so excited to be able to pass this on to our patients.

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