The Bio-functional Denture System (BPS®)

The finest in aesthetics, function, longevity, fit & comfort + a 2-year warranty.

Morley Denture Professionals are one of the few clinics in Australia to become BPS® certified.

The Bio-functional Denture System (BPS®) is an advanced, multi-faceted denture system that produces one of the most superior dentures you can buy. It was created to help dental professionals make a better performing, more lifelike (and aesthetically pleasing) denture than conventional dentures. And, it was created to produce a stronger, longer-lasting denture

No other Australian denture comes close to the superior results of a BPS® product. Here’s what you can expect:


BPS® makes you look better. Your dentures are designed specifically for your facial structure. We use the latest tools and instruments to take accurate impressions of your teeth, jaw and mouth, giving you a far more natural (and youthful) appearance. 


Expect vast improvements when eating, talking and smiling. Due to both materials and manufacturing techniques, BPS® dentures function more like natural teeth.

Lifelike feel

BPS® dentures feel more lifelike in the mouth due to the materials, design and construction. 

Durability & longevity

BPS® produces dentures far stronger, durable and long-lasting than any others on the Australian market, which is why we offer a 2-year warranty.


The seamless construction process makes BPS® dentures far more comfortable than their conventional counterparts.


BPS® dentures are produced using high-impact, injection-moulded acrylic resins, making them a healthier choice for long-term denture wearers.

The only Australian denture with a 2-warranty 

The BPS® system dentures are the only dentures that come with a 2-year warranty. And as mentioned, we believe they are the most lifelike and functional dentures. This is due to several contributing factors in the manufacturing process:

Instrumentation – Using advanced instruments, all facial information is carefully recorded to mimic your smile character and restore the natural contour of facial muscles and lips.

Premium SR Phonares II & SR Vivodent SPE denture teeth – These lifelike teeth mimic your natural teeth using advanced tooth moulds with certain “bold” or “soft” characteristics. These characteristics are further broken down into youthful, universal or mature characteristics. We create the teeth to appear like natural teeth, with an incredibly lifelike blend of opalescence, translucence and fluorescence.

Advanced manufacturing equipment – The way your denture base is made contributes significantly towards how well it fits and functions. Poor fit leads to discomfort and irritation. Alternatively, this denture is harder, denser, more robust and better fitting, due to an advanced continuous heat injection system. It is also less prone to staining and odours. 

Morley Denture Professionals serve patients throughout the Perth metro area, especially those in Morley or the surrounding suburbs of Dianella, Bassendean, Bayswater, Embleton, Mount Lawley, Yokine, Inglewood, Beechboro and Maylands.

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