Custom Sports Mouthguards made in Perth

Mouthguards take one week to manufacture. All contact sports require mouthguards. With growing children they usually require a new mouthguard every 12-18 months, depending on their rate of growth.

At the first appointment we take initial impressions and then the mouthguard is ready for collection one week later.

With younger clients, we try and accommodate erupting teeth by leaving a little extra room for growth.

We are proud to use Australian Mouthguards as the suppliers of our mouthguard blanks.
“Australian Mouthguards™ is an Australian business and are sole suppliers of the Acorn brand of products. Acorn are based in the UK and are specialist manufacturers of the EVA materials for the construction of mouthguards”.

All mouthguards come with a protective storage case.

We’ve listed the colours that we offer on our Custom Mouthguards page of our website.

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