Immediate Dentures

Giving you the appearance of natural teeth immediately after extraction.

The dentist places ‘immediate’ dentures after they have extracted one, several or all teeth.

Immediate dentures (either partial or full) help with the healing process while also giving you the appearance of having natural teeth. These dentures must be kept in place for 24 to 48 hours after extraction to reduce post-extraction swelling.

The importance of denture construction prior to extraction

If you have teeth extracted, you need to wait several months for your gums to heal before your denture is created and then inserted. This can present quite a few problems for people, as it involves living day-to-day without teeth. Eating, socialising in public and talking without some or all your teeth can become difficult or embarrassing.
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We use the world’s most sophisticated system (with the Dr Abe suction technique for loose lower dentures) to create truly advanced dentures, unlike anything you could ever imagine.
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What are the benefits of immediate dentures?

Why choose Morley Denture Professionals?

Operating over 25 years

We have the experience to help with even in the most challenging cases.

Dentures made on-site

Made in Perth. No dentures are sent off-shore or interstate.

The Process

Every wondered what’s involved when getting new dentures?

Immediate dentures takes approximately 2- 4 weeks and requires four appointments.

After approximately 6 months, we’ll do the final reline of your immediate denture. It is imperative that permanent relines are performed or else damage to underlying gums will occur.

FAQ's about Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is a complete (full) or partial denture inserted immediately after removing one, several or all your natural teeth.

We can’t create a permanent denture for you straight after tooth extraction, as your gum tissue and the bones underneath change significantly over the first few weeks and months. This means that without an immediate denture, you would be functioning daily without any teeth in your mouth.

An immediate denture helps bridge this gap by providing you with a device that helps give the appearance of natural teeth. Immediate dentures also help with the healing process by minimising swelling and helping to settle the underlying tissues.

Your immediate dentures will be placed immediately after extraction and must be kept in place for 24-48 hours, if possible. This helps your underlying tissue to heal and for the denture to have better stability in the long term.
The dentist will provide you with plenty of anaesthetic to alleviate discomfort. If you prefer, the dentist may also give you some medication to help relax you. They will also give you over-the-counter or prescription medication to take home with you to help manage any pain

Everything new takes a little bit of getting used to, so you might find there is a little bit of discomfort and awkwardness as you get used to a foreign body in your mouth.

However, the good news is that many people with decayed teeth are relieved to discover that their pain levels have minimised.

Any new discomfort from the immediate denture is far less of an issue than dealing with the pain of diseased teeth.

Your immediate dentures are made on-site, right here in Australia at our Morley clinic.
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