Lower Suction Dentures (SEMCD) by Prof Jiro Abe

A world-first construction technique to create stable lower dentures

Loose lower dentures have long been a problem for denture wearers. For years, dental professionals have tried, without great success, to create a denture that will cover and firmly hold onto the lower gum tissues. Now, with the invention of Lower Suction Dentures (SEMCD) this problem has been remedied.

Prof Jiro Abe, a dentist and prominent name in the international denture industry, successfully created this advanced denture construction technique to stabilise the lower denture in 1999. Named the Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture, it has now achieved worldwide popularity. His method involves a precision impression technique, using a custom-made oral template for each patient to carefully map the sealing mechanism of the lower jaw. This level of detail allows for optimal recording of all necessary anatomical information to reconstruct a perfectly fitting denture. 

The Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture is a treatment suitable for individuals with no lower teeth who require a stable denture to function in their daily lives. 

To achieve the best possible suction mechanism, Morley Denture Professionals adopt this advanced technique when creating all our BPS dentures and have had outstanding results. Our patients have been extremely happy with the outcome and have been recommending it to all of their friends.  

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