full dentures set, similar to immediate dentures.

Full Dentures

An excellent solution when you are missing all your natural teeth, allowing you to bite, chew & talk more easily.

Full (complete) dentures are fully removable prosthetic devices.

Also known as conventional dentures, they have been a standard tooth replacement option long before the emergence of dental implants. Today’s conventional dentures have vastly improved in fit and appearance – particularly when using the Bio-functional Denture System (BPS® dentures).

Well made, high quality dentures.

Created onsite at our Morley denture clinic, our dentures will allow you to enjoy improved function while also giving you the appearance of having natural-looking teeth.

Full dentures are an excellent option for individuals who cannot have or do not want to pay the price of dental implants. Dentures offer many benefits to your lifestyle, health and wellbeing, improving your quality of life.

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A BPS® certified clinic

A BPS® (Bio-function Prosthetic System®) certified clinic.

When complete care & attention to detail matters.

We use the world’s most sophisticated system (with the Dr Abe suction technique for loose lower dentures) to create truly advanced dentures, unlike anything you could ever imagine.
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What are the benefits of full dentures?

All dentures are not the same. Here at Morley Denture Professionals, we use the latest materials and techniques, so you get the most comfortable, long-lasting, quality dentures. Plus, we’re HBF Member Plus & Medibank Members Choice providers.

Why choose Morley Denture Professionals?

Operating over 25 years

We have the experience to help with even in the most challenging cases.

Dentures made on-site

Made in Perth. No dentures are sent off-shore or interstate.

The Process

Every wondered what’s involved when getting new dentures?
Here’s what to expect.

FAQ's about Full Dentures

Premium-quality dentures will last approximately 10+ years, mid-range quality dentures will last 5-7 years and budget dentures 3-5 years.
All our dentures take approximately 4- 6 weeks to make and require around 4 appointments. They are made here in WA.

The price of full dentures varies dramatically, depending on your choice of materials. The higher quality material, the more expensive your dentures will be. Today, many people elect to choose the highest quality denture, which will give them an incredibly lifelike result.

Full denture prices range between approximately $4,500 to $6,500 (includes upper and lower)..

Choices include standard or premium dentures, the type of acrylic (standard or high-impact) and whether they are attached to dental implants.

Other options include naturalised gum tinting, multilayered, hardwearing teeth and various customisations.

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